Roger Jean Eddé

President and Founder of the Assalam Party

Roger Jean Eddé is the President and Founder of the Assalam Party, Lebanon’s Peace Party, and has been an activist for political and economic change since the early 1960s when he organized and lead demonstrations. Roger has participated at every parliamentary and Presidential campaign of Raymond Eddé. During the Presidential campaign of 1982 Roger started the Neutral Lebanon Movement. Roger declined to stand for President in 1988 when it became clear that Assad didn’t have any intention to redeploy his forces out of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, nor disarm all militias. When PM Aoun confronted Syrian occupation, Roger stood strongly with him as did most of the patriotic leaders of Lebanon. From 1980, Roger became focused exclusively in the struggle to Save Lebanon. In 1994 he organized and presided over the Lebanese National Congress (LNC), that included activists from all denominations for the freedom of Lebanon. In 2006, when General Aoun signed an alliance with Hezbollah, Roger severed all relationship with him at Bkerke, in the presence of the historic Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir. He immediately founded the Peace Party which he is presiding over to this day. Following his disappointment with the March 14 movement, Roger went into systematic opposition to what he calls the MANZUMA of mafiocrats, those sharing power and the spoils of power! Under Roger, The Peace Party was fully involved in the October 17 Revolution. Roger has committed himself fully to joining forces with Sawa, for the liberation of Lebanon from occupation and from the MANZUMA, and to securing a non-sectarian, decentralized, united system of governance.