Nick. J. Rahall

Former politician

Nick. J. Rahall is Senior Adviser at Cassidy and Associates in Washington. D.C. A former politician and member of the Democratic Party, Nick served as a U.S. Representative for West Virginia from 1977 to 2015. He is recognized as the youngest-elected, longest-serving Member in the history of the House. During nineteen terms he worked to build and repair the nation’s highways and bridges, improve and modernize airports, and provide critical water, sewer systems and flood control projects throughout West Virginia and the Nation. Born and raised in West Virginia, Nick is of Lebanese descent, whose grandfathers emigrated from Lebanon to the Mountain State selling linens as pack peddlers. Always advocating U.S. best interests first, he has traveled the Middle East extensively meeting with all sides urging peace and the protection of innocent lives and recognition of all human rights. He has received both the Philip C. Habib Distinguished Public Service Award 1993 and the Najeeb Halaby Public Service Award presented in 2004 by Queen Noor of Jordan. Nick graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in West Virginia. He then earned his bachelors degree from Duke University and began working for Sen. Robert Byrd after graduating. He then went into business and launched his own political career.